7 Ways To Use A Simple Desktop Followup System Keeping in touch with your Customers is essential to keeping the cash drawer filled. And it’s just plain good business.

There are several desktop application systems. It’s fast, easy and simple. Plus you can customize any card to fit any situation.

So here are 7 ways you can use any desktop system to tell your Customers (or business associates, vendors, relatives) how much you love them.......................................

1. You can use this as a pre-emptive

announcement system for telling all of your Customers about a new service your company will be offering and how it will be able to help them even though you have not yet implemented it.

The card could simply say something like “It’s Us! ABC Company and we would love to tell you about a new service we will be offering beginning August 1st!” Then go on to describe your new service. You can use it to introduce a new product, new employee, new construction or facility improvement (like a new waiting room or children’s play area.) It can be anything that is not yet in place, has a future date and would be of interest to your Customers.

2. Use it to “re-touch” Customers that you have not seen in awhile.

Maybe you are a “timed service provider” like a Dentist, Carpet Cleaner, Flower Delivery, Pest Control, Landscape Maintenance, Barber, Hair Stylist, Pool Maintenance or any other profession that is a based on a time element.

They count on you to be there on a certain date. If you have not heard from them, or you missed them for normal delivery, send them a “Missed You, Love You, Mean It” card to remind them how much you value them as a Customer.

3. Use it to ask for new business.

If you have been providing a service to them, and they have not used all of the service you provide, ask them to. It might sound something like this.

“Mr. Customer, I wanted to Thank You for your trust in us. In the Carpet Cleaning business we stay competitive by providing the highest quality service for the price. During our last visit we couldn’t help but notice that we had not cleaned any of your couches or chairs. And although your carpets look and smell wonderful, a dirty chair or couch can detract from the overall appearance. Let us make your furniture look and smell like new again! Call now for a low introductory price! Ask for me, Bob, and I will schedule to have this service completed as soon as possible.” The point is to ASK for the business.

4. Use it as a maintenance system 7 Ways To Use A Simple Desktop Followup System.

The system can be setup to send cards at a future date. So send one every quarter, or six months.

It can as simple as “Hey, Summer is here! Hope you are enjoying the sun, fun and the beach. It’s a great time to have good food and family around you when you are vacationing. Insects like to party too! That’s why they move into your home during the summer while you are at the beach! Not only are they looking for good food, they’ll need a place to stay while raiding your cabinets! So, if you notice that you have unwelcome house guests, call Mort’s Pest Control. We want to make your summer pest free!”

5. Use it to “reject” someone while offering to stay in touch 7 Ways To Use A Simple Desktop Followup System.

We don’t do business with everyone we meet. They don’t have what we want or need or it’s just not the right time.

It might sound something like this. “It was really nice meeting with you Cheryl. I think your company has a great product and will be shooting to the top. We looked very hard at using your product and we think that in the future we may be doing business together. As of this writing, however, we will not be using your service. We will be taking up next year’s budget at the end of the next quarter and will be considering how to include funding then. In the meantime, please feel free to stay in touch.”

6. Use it to send Birthday cards 7 Ways To Use A Simple Desktop Followup System,

Anniversary Cards or any card at all on special days to those you mean to do business with. And since you can customize them, you can make it a very personal card. Maybe take a picture of them the next time you see them and upload that into the card. Sending someone a picture of them on their birthday is a great way to remind them how well you know them!

7. And last but not least, a follow up system 7 Ways To Use A Simple Desktop Followup System.

Everyone you talk to in business gives you something.

A business card.

Enter all of that into the system and BAM! You now have a follow up system.

Everyone receives mail. Bills, letters, legal notices, advertisements, etc… And every person on the planet knows the difference between a bill envelope and a card envelope. Now, you being a person on the planet, which are you going to open 1st? Bills or cards? I thought so.

And if that card said something like “It was really great to meet you. I just wanted to say that I thought your ideas were fantastic and I can’t wait to meet with you again.” Would that improve your chances of doing business with that person? I think so.

So use a system to keep the person who you would like to do business with close to you. It’s easy, fun and there are several applications to choose from.