7 Tips To Successful Event Planning Event planners seeking a theme around which to build a novel attraction might do well to take a look at a Hawaii surfing theme.

But before jumping into the water. Consider the factors upon which this seemingly no-brainer of a recommendation is based as many event planners have found themselves with the greatest sounding theme yet a small turnout or. Possibly worse, a great crowd finding themselves bored and wondering what to do next.

There are a number of elements that when incorporated into an event help to make it a winner from the point of publicity through that very late hour when the last guests are finally told they really have to leave. These elements are the same whether it’s a casino night, clambake, or barnyard ho-down. These are the elements that will often make or break your event

To a large extent. These elements are the same when planning for exhibitions when your success is dependent on making folks stop at your exhibit out of the scores of others competing for their attention. After all, we all know the feeling of manning a booth in which the only people in it are the spillover from the adjacent booth, don’t we?

Give ‘Em A Theme!

An event without a strong theme is nothing more than a function. Not all bad, but hardly the thing that makes memories. So where do you start?

Give ‘Em Something Exotic!

The folks in Boise, Idaho, might not get too excited about a Midwestern Barbeque Night but those of us here in the islands who’ve never ridden a cart filled with hay would delight at corn on the cob and pulled-pork off the spit in between throwing horseshoes and cow dung chips.

Exotic is really anything that’s attractively different than that which we’re accustomed. Our ability to deliver something to our guests that puts them into another time or place for those few hours they’re with us will determine the excitement and appeal the event holds for them.

Give ‘Em A Challenge!

Horseshoes, cook-your-own, surfing contests, craps, poker, blackjack, and dance lessons all offer one thing in common – the opportunity for your guests to engage themselves in a challenge… not so much between themselves but with the activity. This is a key element to instant camaraderie allowing your guests a common and exciting subject to talk about.


Give ‘Em A Setting They’ll Talk About 7 Tips To Successful Event Planning!

Simply because it’s so different than the setting they left when coming into the room. Elements like coconut trees.Hay lofts, and real live barbeque pits are all worth they’re weight in gold when combined with food. Activities, and entertainment that tie in with the theme!

This is your best advertising for future event-planning contracts and will delight your guests at the same time.

Give ‘Em Food & Drink With A Flair 7 Tips To Successful Event Planning!

Here again, the rule is simple. You might call it disruptive positioning. A strategy in which you present your guests with something close enough to familiar so they’ll like it yet different enough to take them out of that same zone of familiarity.

Give ‘Em Something To Take Home 7 Tips To Successful Event Planning!

Events are more memorable when a take-home item is offered… especially when your guests are unlikely to have one already! How many do you know with their own tiki key-chain, shark’s tooth necklace, or Tahitian pareu? The more different your event is, the easier it will be to find something unique as a giveaway.

For those events with good photo-opportunities due to settings or attractions, photos are a good a give-away as anything. And, exhibitors will also appreciate the opportunity to exchange interesting giveaways for leads, too!

Surfing Anyone 7 Tips To Successful Event Planning?

So now, perhaps you’re ready to jump into the water with a Hawaiian surfing-themed event. For those of us living in Hawaii. Pulling off an exciting Hawaii theme event is like trying to sell a fish saltwater. However. By adding a unique device like the video surf simulator

So wherever your event might be, consider a Hawaii surfing theme. If it’s a big attraction in the islands, think of the impact it would have somewhere in the heartland!