6 Ways to Build an Emergency Food Supply In case of an emergency, FEMA recommends that you store 72 hours of food and water for each family member. This is all well and good to start with but what do you do after the three days is up and the government help is still days or even weeks away?

72 Hour Kits

There are several kits on the market that are pre-packaged with everything you need for 72 hours. These kits are great for the person who isn’t sure if they want to be a full-blown prepper, but still want the peace of mind that comes with having supplies stashed away just in case.

You can pick one up for each family member and then add incidentals like first aid, extra equipment or some comfort items. You can also use multiple kits to extend your time even longer but after the first couple you will likely be further ahead by building up your supplies using other sources.

MREs 6 Ways to Build an Emergency Food Supply

MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) are field rations commonly use the military. They are also what FEMA will hand out in truckloads during a disaster.

MREs are a complete meal and accessory packet that can get you through a day. They are a little more diverse than the aforementioned prepackaged kits. They last several years and if you shop around you can usually find a good deal on surplus supplies.

Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-dried food stores for a very long time, up to 25 years, if it remains sealed and stored in a cool dry place.

There is a very large selection of this type of food so finding meals you and your family like shouldn’t be a problem. Try buying several single serving pouches and stock up on items everyone likes in the larger containers.

Canned Food 6 Ways to Build an Emergency Food Supply

Canned food has been a storage staple since Napoleon invaded Russia. He needed a way to preserve food to feed his troops and the French came up with canning.
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Today supermarkets are full of canned food that will last on your shelf for at least a year and some will last even longer.

The easiest way to build up a supply of canned food is to buy a couple extra cans every trip to the store.
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Once you are more into it watch for sales and buy cases of fruit and veggies. Be sure to mark them with a sharpie so you can always use the oldest cans first when you are cooking.

Canned meats are a good investment when you can find a deal. Spam, tuna and canned ham are a few that can either be eaten as they are or used to make casseroles and soups by combining fresh or freeze-dried veggies.

Dehydrated Food 6 Ways to Build an Emergency Food Supply

A dehydrator is a good investment even if you live in a small space. You can dehydrate produce from the supermarket as well as wild fruits and herbs.

Make sure to get one with a fan so that air moves through it. The still air models don’t do near as good of a job.

Producing Your Own Food 6 Ways to Build an Emergency Food Supply

The ultimate in prepping food supply is being able to produce your own food.

This can mean growing a garden and canning or dehydrating the product or raising your own animals for meat or trade. Hunting, fishing and trapping will be skills you will need in order to feed your family over a long period of disruption.

Having a survival food supply will be a valuable commodity if something bad goes down. If you can feed your family, and possibly have some extra for trade, you will have gone along way toward ensuring your survival.