5 Reasons Your Customers Need The advent of mobile technology means the ability to write an influential review is available to the everyday consumer. With this newfound leverage, customers also have newer, higher expectations for their food spots. This means today’s restaurateur needs to meet or, even better, exceed these expectations to not only survive, but thrive in the current meal marketplace. One fantastic secret to finding this success is to utilize a key ingredient that patrons the world over enjoy: all natural fried onion.

These golden brown crisped onions add flavor and crunch to almost any meal, from soups and salads to burgers and steaks. If those simple facts aren’t enough to convince you, read on for 5 reasons why your customers need delicious, oniony goodness in their food today.

1. Patrons love food with flavor layers.

Hitting tongues with single-flavor haymakers is a sure way to turn off most consumers.
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All natural fried onion, however, infuses any dish with extra levels of texture and spice. After all, they’re little flavor layers in and of themselves. The flour batter is a distinct taste on its own and it preps the mouth for an incoming patter of onion; a welcome addition to any dish.

2. Versatility creates a signature.

It’s tough to find an ingredient more useful. Crush the onions to use for breading a chicken breast. Leave whole and add to salad for a smaller, tastier replacement for the crouton. Sprinkle into soup for an easy-to-slurp flavor punch. The ability to blend with other flavors gives these onions a chance to be the main mouth attraction or step back and allow other spices to delight customers’ expectations. Nonetheless, their distinct, savory essence allows them to place their signature on any dish. Whether it’s a big, looping John Hancock, or a subtle x on the dotted line, that flavor is sure to be noticed, likely in the form of a positive review.

3. Everyone wants options 5 Reasons Your Customers Need…
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The cable package with thousands of channels. The interior wall with hundreds of color options. The baked potato with dozens of toppings to pick from. Customers love choice. When it comes to side dishes like macaroni and cheese, potato salad, and queso dip, or enhanceable main meals like grilled cheese sandwiches, pork tenderloins, or french onion soup, giving clients a chance to add a simple, personalized ingredient just makes sense.

4… And options can come at a fair cost 5 Reasons Your Customers Need.

Crispy, tasty battered onions are simple creations that pack a lot of flavor, but they don’t have to come with a high price. Having a large batch of this ingredient on hand to add to dishes is easily cost controllable. So when the clientele is presented with the opportunity to top their next side salad with a little something extra, they can do so for a reasonable price. Which leaves the customer happy and makes for a great profit margin for the business.

5. Customers love new twists on old favorites 5 Reasons Your Customers Need.

The term “deconstructed” is all the rage in the food industry these days. It allows an establishment to provide a fresh take on a well-known dish. This leaves all natural fried onion in a great position for reinvention. While their flavor has been used in dishes for centuries in cultures all over the world, there are still great options for surprising eaters. Looking to add a savory element to a dessert? Want to incorporate a crispness besides bacon into breakfast? What about a fried onion puree to go alongside a main meat?

There is only one item versatile enough and layered enough to use so creatively. Click here for even more tasty ideas!