5 Reasons To Create Email Addresses Although you may already have an email account, it is never a bad thing to have a few extra ones, there are plenty of excuses to create email address, I personally have 4 of my own. These are some reasons why you may want extra email addresses

1) Spam –

Spam is one of the most annoying parts of my daily life, for this reason I created a new email address and whenever you need to provide you email address for anything online, things such as newsletters or when a site will ask you to provide you address to download a product etc. I use this email address for those things so that all of the “spam” goes to one place.

2) Work –

I have a separate account for my work emails, this way when I get an email from my boss or something work related, I do not have to trawl through millions of emails to get to it. It is also useful when looking for information that you have misplaced. You know when someone reminds you of an email they send you with that all important information in it? Yep, that stuff is much easier to find. I also use it to send myself reminders of thing I need to do for work.

3) Personal Business 5 Reasons To Create Email Addresses –

Most people these days have a little side business from their 9-5, I create email address’s to manage these things too, for example if you are an internet marketer you will need a separate account for each of your sites as well as for any additional information you subscribe to. Newsletters and other useful bits all go to this email address and make things easy to keep track of.
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4) My own 5 Reasons To Create Email Addresses –

Then there is the classic reason for email, keeping in touch and communicating with your friends, I have a lot of friends who live on different continents to me, and with the time difference it is really difficult to stay in contact in real time, so email is perfect. I have an excellent relationship with one of my best friends who lives in Australia, we know more about each other then most people I see every day.
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Email is the reason for this, and I do not want this account bogged down with other types of email.

5) The private address 5 Reasons To Create Email Addresses –

We all get those emails that we do not want anybody else to see, our secure information, or that sleazy email from an erm… adult site. Maybe the reply to your email begging your ex to come back to you. Either way there are emails that we do not want other people to see, I have a separate account for this and hardly ever go into it, this ensures that those sensitive/ secret things stay that way.

I hope that this article has given you some inspiration to create email addresses for each section of your life, trust me it is a huge time/ stress saver.