Indian Food cuisine has appealed to the taste of many people because of its distinct aroma and variety of flavors. It’s even more likable to people who love to cook because of its simplicity. Though, without the correct ingredients, it’s challenging to find an alternative and still have the perfect flavor.
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Indian food has become prominent around the world and continues to captivate the taste of many. Even you might have already tasted its cuisine but never realized that it was Indian food already. Whether you have eaten or not, you need to know the most popular Indian food in the world.

Here are 5 of the famous Indian foods that you should know.

1. Biryani

Starting with a meal that would keep your taste buds alive with every bite. Biryani is a mixture of the staple food of India, which is rice and a variety of meat, such as fish, chicken, or egg, seasoned with different spices. This is not the dish for vegetarians and not for the people who eat lightly.

This dish doesn’t come with only one variation, but lots of it. A few exceptions include Kolkata, Hyderabadi, Navratan, and Dindigul Biryani. An interesting thing about these variations is they have a distinct taste and none the same.

The taste depends on the type of rice used, type of meat included, and several spices added. Each variation is different, but each variety is always delicious and appealing to your taste.

2. Papdi Chaat Food

People usually find a unique taste of different cuisines, especially if they are new to it. Papdi Chaat is something that you need to taste as this dish has mixed flavors in it. The recipe is served in fast-food chains in the country, and most commonly on the streets.

This dish has a mix of tangy, sweet, and notably spicy flavors in it that you’ll surely love. To everyone who loves tasty food, Papdi Chaat is the dish for you. The recipe is more like an Indian version of wafer or similar snack, but it’s quite heavy on the stomach, which makes it an excellent alternative to your regular meal.

This dish is usually eaten as a snack, but you can have it as your meal and pair it with their local bread, Naan. It’s best to ask the locals about it and have the best experience of pairing your food with something local.

3. Murgh Makhani Food

If you’re not up for any rice or potatoes, you can have Murgh Makhani as your main meal. The dish is sometimes referred to as Butter Chicken, which has chicken cooked in tomato sauce. This is another spicy Indian dish that you’ll surely want more once you taste it.

This is one of the simplest Indian dishes you can ever find, and you can even make one on your own. All you need is tender meat chicken and curry powder, together with common spices that you already know.

Murg Makhani has chicken as its main meat, but there is a vegetarian alternative for this dish. Instead of chicken, you can use tofu as the meat, and you’d still have the same great flavor of the meal.

4. Malai Kofta Food

While most Indians are meat-lovers, there are also a lot of Indian dishes for vegetarian people. Malai Kofta is the best example of that, and it’s packed with different vegetables and spices, as well as paneer. Paneer is basically just cheese, but prevalent in their locality, and it’s usually not soft and yet not quickly melted.

To keep it simple, Malai Kofta is more like meatballs but without meat. Instead, it has potatoes, carrots, and beans as the primary ingredients. The dish is then served with thick, creamy sauce, which adds to its flavorful mixture.

5. Barfi Food

If you have tried a heavy meal, a light meal, and a snack, you should also try one of its best and renowned sweets. Indians have a wide variety of desserts to choose from, and wherever you are in India, there are always various sweets available.
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Just like any Indian food, barfi also has variations across the country from having coconut in it to pure milk and ghee only.

Nevertheless, barfi always concludes your meal or an addition to your sweet and crispy snack.

The Bottom Line

For Indian food, there’s nothing better than trying them yourself at the place itself. Visit India sometime, and it’s always best to ask the locals or people who have lived there for some time for recommendations. No one knows better than the locals themselves. Try them out and savor every bite!