Brazilian Health regulator Anvisa reported on Tuesday two Brazilians had been tested positive for the COVID-19 Omicron variant, which is the first time it has been reported cases of the variant in Latin America.

Anvisa told the story of a traveller who arrived at Sao Paulo from South Africa and his wife, who has not traveled, both had positive tests for the latest variant which raised concerns about the global Omicron spread prior to the recent travel restrictions went into effect.

The couple arrived at Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos international airport November. 23 and had the COVID-19 test being negative. However, prior to their scheduled return flight the couple was found positive, and the specimens were sent for further testing which revealed Omicron as the Omicron variant.
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Traveler was in Sao Paulo before the World Health Organization first announced the Omicron variant in public and also before Brazil decided on Friday to halt flights coming from South Africa and five other southern African countries. Read more

The second test performed on the samples proved the existence of the variant, as did that is, the situation in Sao Paulo said.

There are two Brazilians who were positively for this variant were missionaries. Sao Paulo Health Secretary Jean Gorinchteyn told CNN Brasil and added that there was nothing that suggested they were vaccine-free.
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In the wake of Omicron’s confirmation Omicron confirms, Sao Paulo state government announced that it will review an easing of regulations regarding using masks.

Omicron was first recognized by the government of South Africa last week, but the latest data suggests it was in circulation prior to that and was discovered in more than twelve countries. Read more

Researchers across the globe are working to determine whether the new strain that has significant changes when compared to other strains, is more dangerous, infectious or able to escape vaccines. The research is expected to take several weeks. Read more

Meanwhile, many countries all over the world have put in place travel restrictions, mostly for flights that originate out of south Africa in spite of warnings issued by WHO that general travel bans won’t slow the spread of the virus. Read more