Having a business is a very challenging and fulfilling endeavor. Yes, it requires responsibility, but it should be worth the time and effort, just like all the great things.

So, if you have come across this site as you are considering to start building your business, congratulations!

If you are willing to take a different turn in your life and be an entrepreneur, here are the best ones to get you started without burning yourself out and without taking everything from you. These are just perfectly right to hone you with the right discipline and see if running a business is right up your alley.

1. Local Restaurant

Are you a foodie? Do you have a talent in determining what food tastes good or not? Do you have a special or secret family recipe that you want to share with other people? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then running a local restaurant should fit well with you.

The food business is a classic staple in the business industry. As long as your sell good food, your business will thrive. Here, you don’t necessarily need to start with huge capital. You’ll first have to start with a talent and a small space to set up your local restaurant. If it turns out well, you can expand later on.

2. Children Daycare

Are you naturally nurturing? Does being with kids naturally relax you? Is honing the skills and determining the potential of children come along with our passion? And most importantly, do you have that natural-educator talent in you?

If you can get along with children, treat them well, and guide them to a good start with the right discipline, running a children’s daycare should be fulfilling to you. No expensive or costly starting-off cost will be needed here for you.

In the long run, it can be lucrative – when you have established a good reputation and your credibility in providing good care to children.

3. Moving company

This entrepreneurial endeavor is about transporting household supplies from one house to another. If somebody changes an address and move into a different one, this is where you will come in.

Your business role here is to facilitate the timely, fast, and safe move – with the items not being damaged. It will require big carrier trucks and carriers. But as a starting entrepreneur, you don’t have to hop into buying big trucks right away; you can start with one and with a few people.

4. Cleaning Service

Having a company centered on cleaning and hygiene is a good business. There will always be ones who will not have time to clean their own houses. Your job is to dispatch cleaners who can sanitize and make sure that the house is clean. It requires minimal resources: manpower and household supplies. Today though, you can have an app that allows users to book an appointment instead of the old-school telephone scheduling.

5. Coffee Shop

The same idea here applies to having a local restaurant. However, this time, if your passion is in coffee, then instead of focusing on food, you might as well redirect your attention to serving your clients with coffee they would keep coming back for.

Because it’s a coffee shop, you won’t need to have the same big space as you would have in a restaurant. The biggest expense here would be the materials to brew coffee and – of course – manpower.

6. Web Design Services

You don’t have to be a web designer to be able to run a business such as this. You can start building an agency and outsource web developers. As the main boss, you would be responsible for getting the clients and discussing with them what they want to achieve.

7. Sewing Services For Small Business

Sewing services as a starting business venture will require you to set it up locally. It would pay off even better if you have a skill on this. But not having one shouldn’t hinder you or set you back. You can hire tailors and buy the equipment. You can either dispatch the sewing machine to their houses or set up a site where your tailors will have to go work.

8. Construction Company For Small Business

Okay, this one might be a little over the top. There’s a lot of paperwork to be done here, but you can always start small. If you are an engineer, you should already have the advantage of getting a construction company started and running. But if you are not, there will be more work to be done, such as filing for the permits, hiring engineers and construction workers.

9. Truck Company and Deliver Services For Small Business

If you are a moneyed entrepreneur who’s willing to risk a substantial amount of money, you should embrace greater responsibility. Having a truck company and delivery services will live up to that. This kind of business will require you to have these trucks available at your disposal, carriers, and drivers too who will do the legwork.

10. Become a Taxi Driver For Small Business

Up until this point, transporting services remain in high demand and relevant. So, running a passenger transporting service is still a safe business venture, though it requires expensive resources. The return of investment can easily come.