10 Power Wardrobe Items For the Woman A woman in leadership needs to invest in a power wardrobe that gives her the look of a professional. It is very true that clothes matter and first impressions are set by what you wear. You can learn to select clothes that say “I am a professional in my field” that do not become that main attraction. You can learn to dress to establish your professional presence and to be recognized for what you know, not to be remembered for what you wear. Here are 10 essential items every professional woman in business and leadership must invest in for her wardrobe to create a powerful and professional presence.

1. The Black Dress.

The little black dress is a staple for every woman in leadership and business. It means you always have something classy to wear. You can use it as a pallet for adding a splash of color, one brooch, or use it just as is. Add a jacket or wear as is for extra drama.

2. Two-Piece Pant Suit.

The jacket and pants suit is versatile because it always looks sophisticated and pulled together. You can change your blouse or wear a pull-over shirt and still look professional. Mix and match the pieces with other clothes and stretch your wardrobe. Be bold enough to wear a black pantsuit. Navy blue or shades of gray are also good. Once you have the basic two-piece suit (or two) you can get pantsuits that are more fun and colorful.

3. Straight Skirt 10 Power Wardrobe Items For the Woman.

Find a perfectly fitting straight skirt and you’ll have a wardrobe builder that can go with everything. Keep the skirt in a fashionable length for the season. Make sure it’s lined, well sewn and matches your professional wardrobe color pallet.

4. Pants or Jeans.

Pants that mix and match with your jackets will keep you looking pulled together without having to be too formal. You can select pants in a solid color and casual materials or find a great pair of jeans. Pair your pants or jeans with your jackets and have a dressier look without being too formal.

5. Jackets.

Once you build your basic wardrobe with the needed pieces for professional appearance, purchase jackets that match the bottoms of your pants suits and skirt. A jacket lends an air of authority. Find well-fitting jackets, and throw one over a dress or pants or skirt and always have a presence of authority.

6. Blouses/tops 10 Power Wardrobe Items For the Woman.

Choose the type of upper wear that works for your body. Start with the basics, white, black, and a color if those are in your color palette. Move on to other splashes of color to add to your wardrobe. Having a wardrobe of well fitting and attractive tops is a secret to expanding a wardrobe. You can have the same outer wear but change your top and a few accessories and create a brand new look.

7. Shoes 10 Power Wardrobe Items For the Woman.

Shoes are an important element of your wardrobe. People actually view shoes as a barometer of your professionalism in many cases. Fine leather pumps that match your professional wardrobe are a good start. Start with a pair of black pumps that have a closed toe and heel and a bit of height on the heel according to your health. Up to three inches is best.

8. Accessories 10 Power Wardrobe Items For the Woman.

To endlessly stretch your basic wardrobe select fine accessories. Keep the amount of accessories per outfit small. You don’t want things that click and clang. Select a fine jewel such as diamonds, pearls for example that will be a standard for your business appearances. Just keep the selections professional for the business situation so you don’t have to worry about being appropriate. Wear as many accessories as you want for other occasions.

9. Dresses 10 Power Wardrobe Items For the Woman.
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Women in the workplace haven’t worn dresses so much in recent years. With the new First Lady, Michelle Obama, dresses are coming back into professional settings. Find dresses that have a tailored look and solid color for the workplace. You can wear your dress instead of a two part outfit. Match the dress with one or two matching jackets and you have an instant wardrobe stretching team.

10. Underwear 10 Power Wardrobe Items For the Woman.
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Do you think what you wear under it all doesn’t matter? Once you find out how a properly fitting bra can change your whole appearance you’ll know that underwear really does matter. Unless you have a perfect body, you need to spend some good money with underwear. That includes your bras, panties, and hose.

The truth is that what you wear in the workplace matters. A professional wardrobe may seem expensive but if you select well you won’t have to spend a lot of money replacing your selections. Think of your professional wardrobe as an investment, not an expense. Make your first impression powerful through your clothes and the attention can turn to other aspects of your expertise.