10 Canning Mistakes You Can Prevent Canning is not complicated, nor is it scary, even when pressure canners sometimes make strange whistling sounds. The process is quite simple. Anyone can be successful as long as standard procedures are followed and canning mistakes are prevented.

Follow USDA recommendations and guidelines, and listen to the advice of master canning experts. Their knowledge is valuable. It can save you a lot of time wasted on experiments.

10 Common Canning Mistakes

Selecting the wrong canner –

Recipes mention which types of canner to use. Water bath and pressure canners are not interchangeable. Use a water bath canner for acidic foods like tomatoes, fruit, pickles, and sweet preserves. Non-acidic foods such as plain vegetables, meat, soups, and broth must be preserved using a pressure canner.

Dirty jar rims 10 Canning Mistakes You Can Prevent –

A little fluff can prevent lids from sealing. Even if jars feel closed, the lids will loosen soon thereafter, and the food inside will spoil.

Ignoring altitude –

Do you live more than 1000 feet above sea level? Adjust canning time, whether you pressure can or use the water bath method. Water boils at a different temperature at higher altitudes than it does at sea level.

Overfilling jars –

Follow canning recipes. When you overfill jars, their content will boil over during the canning process. The lids will fail to seal. Do not forget to stir the jar content before putting on lids. Air bubbles need to be released.

Changing the recipe –

One of the most common canning mistakes is deviating from recommended recipes. For instance, adding extra flour, starch, or other thickening agents slows down the rate of heat penetration. This results in under-cooking. You can always thicken your products at the time of consumption.

Using poor ingredients 10 Canning Mistakes You Can Prevent –

Choose the best possible ingredients for canning if you want tasty food. Select the freshest vegetables, preferably from your garden.

Reusing lids –

The ring of adhesive on traditional canning lids wears out when reused. The jars won’t seal. Tattler reusable canning lids are the exception.

Using broken jars 10 Canning Mistakes You Can Prevent –

Inspect jars and lids before every usage. A hairline crack in glass can have devastating results. It is quite messy when a jar breaks inside a canner. Sterilize all equipment thoroughly before every usage. Only use jars made for canning. Mayonnaise jars will not work as the glass is too thin.

Skimping on water 10 Canning Mistakes You Can Prevent –

The jars placed in a water bath canner need to be covered with at least one or two inches of water. This ensures that the food is heated evenly from all sides.

Moving warm jars 10 Canning Mistakes You Can Prevent –

Select a spot on your kitchen counter you do not need for a few hours. Jars should cool undisturbed. They can unseal whenever the hot food hits the adhesive seal of the lids.
Stick to general rules, suggestions, and recommendations from experts if you are aiming for success. Use scientifically tested recipes and canning methods, and inspect your equipment and tools before every canning venture. Select the best possible ingredients and take your time. Before long, you too will be a food preservation expert.